NUS Saga: Continues

Here I am, a few months later. Much has passed since my original post documenting my interview and tests. Here I am now.


It’s an understatement to say I’m crazy grateful, fortunate and so thankful to have been able to get to this stage in my life. Grades-wise, the past two years have only seen me scrape the bottom, peaking at a below average. So here’s where I motivate – myself in the future if I feel as though rock bottom is sucking me in.

My scores throughout the two years of IB were a steady non-progression of 30/42, 29/42 and 30/42 again. School average was always about a 35/42. Amazing, huh? How someone so low could have somehow made it up to the top. On many occasions I just found myself thinking: studying is not worth it. What’s the point if I work so hard only to be disappointed time and time again? Friends around me started to accept my lacking intelligence, I for one felt that I didn’t belong.

Quite simply, the only advice I have for myself is to let go and let God. Keep going even if it seems like it isn’t helping. Find ways to motivate yourself. I’ve got a few tips:

  • Follow studygrams; seems dumb, but it actually does do a fair share of motivation in my books.
  • Study outside (cafes, school, mcdonald’s, whatever).
  • Fresh air does you good. As well as a good cuppa coffee.
  • The Forest app. Don’t laugh, it works.
  • A study playlist, I find korean acoustics extremely comforting and uplifting, especially since I’m literally unable to sing along.
  • Study with friends that will wake you up when you’re falling asleep.
  • Do something else to get your mind off the stress. Go for a run – I hate it, but it’s better than sitting in my room close to tears.
  • Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

It gets difficult to find your motivation. Sometimes it just takes a sudden realisation to get your mind out of the gutter. And I don’t know when this blog post turned into motivation guidelines, but I’m sure future me in law school would appreciate it.

Future me in law school, future me, a lawyer.

Chin up buttercup. You’ve got a long way to go.

x T



Love is a beating apple
Cardiovascular muscle only
beating to life’s melody

Joy is a pineapple of quirkiness
Sour sweet spiky
life’s surprises

Peace is a ripe banana
Comfort as is or as banana bread
life in status quo

Patience is a durian
If season’s tight, peeling’s right
taking time to meet the meat

Kindness is a cocktail cherry
on top, of a sundae
For those sundays every day

Goodness is a rich grape
To be treated into wine
Smooth, sipped slowly

Faithfulness is a peach
Juicy, tender
Only wonder

Gentleness is a flowing watermelon
An enormity to give
Bleeding honey

Self control is a lemon