NUS Saga: Interview and Written Test

Comparatively, I must say that the NUS Law admission procedures were much more formal than SMU. I had my interview on a Thursday and my written test on a Sunday.

The 2-1 interview was much more personal than SMU, as the interviewers were actually given the chance to ask about my personal achievements, experience and goals. Prior to the interview, the students are given yet another blank form to fill, namely to write in your work experience/internships as well as answer the great question of: why law.

As a former ACSI girl, I was surprised to see many familiar faces at the NUS interview – which perhaps meant that the university tended to group the students by school. Unsurprisingly, we all bonded over the buffet spread provided to us.

The Written Test was much more intense, I would say. It was a 1 hour 15 minute paper, in a large auditorium housing around 1000 hopeful individuals. Like previous years, there were two main questions. The first was regarding copyrights and the freedom of speech, where we were given an article and excerpts of different Singapore laws. The second was more of a question to do with legal ethics. We were told to spend no longer than 15 minutes on this question, which was rather strange but which I adhered to. Many overachieving friends spent much longer on this question, the reason why I am rather unsure of.

All in all, it’s over. All that’s left to do is wait for results.

x T


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